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FIXTURES 2018                                   2018 Match Reports     here


29th  April     Bank of England                                                      2.00p.m.        AWAY    -     WIN

6th May   Chiltern Crusaders  (tbc)                                              2.00 p.m.        HOME

12th May    Village Fete                                                               1.00 p.m.        HOME

13th May  The Lee                                                                       2.00 p.m.        HOME   (May change to Away)

20TH  May   Pelicans                                                                    2.00 p.m.       HOME

27th May* Little Marlow                                                              1.30 p.m.       AWAY

3rd June  Roxbourne                                                                     2.00 p.m.      HOME

10th  June  Misfits                                                                         1.00 p.m.     AWAY

17th June Southwell Ramblers                                                       2.00 p.m.     HOME

23rd June Presidentís day                                                              2.00 p.m.    HOME

24th  June Hyde Heath  Beer Festival?  (England vs. Panama@ 1.00 p.m.) HOME

 1st   July   Colney Heath (TBC)                                                     2.00 p.m.     AWAY

8th July Ballinger Waggoners                                                          1.30 p.m.     HOME

15th July  Red Square Lions  (World Cup Final@ 4.00 p.m.)         2.00 p.m.      HOME

22nd July   Great Gaddeson                                                           2.00 p.m.      HOME

27th  July  Friday Petts Wood   (tour)                                             2.00 p.m.     HOME

29th July  Chinnor                                                                           1.00 p.m.      HOME

5th  August  Cublington                                                                   2.00 p.m.     AWAY

12th August  Warwick Gypsies                                                        1.00 p.m.     HOME

19th  August  Ley Hill                                                                      2.00 p.m.     AWAY

26TH  August* Bank of England  (tbc)                                            2.00 p.m.     HOME

3rd Sept.  Colney Heath (tbc)                                                           1.00 p.m.    AWAY

10th Sept   TBC                                                                               1.00 p.m.   HOME

17th Sept.  TBC                                                                               1.00 p.m.   HOME

*Bank Holiday weekends

If you are interested in playing please contact:

Nick Burgham (Captain) on 07971 839142   or

MATT SIMS (Chairman) on 07507-490430

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