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Old Time Musichall

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Friday & Saturday November 25th/26th 2011
7.30pm Village Hall

Olde Tyme Music Hall

plus Supper & Licensed Bar

Please join in this rumbustical affair & come in costume !!

Tickets £13.50 from Barbara Cann Tel 01494 783254

Music Hall raises a record !

The Old Time Music Hall performances in Hyde Heath began in 1984 and over that time have put on 19 shows - in total raising over £25,000 for village causes - this year alone an all time record of over £2,400 was raised enabling donations of £600 each to be made to the Village School, Village Hall, Scouts and Playgroup.

Progress over the years can be seen from the graph: 

Congratulations to all involved !

Old Time Music Hall also took part in the "Celebration 2001" evening on March 24th 2001 - for full set of pictures - click here - allow a few moments to load


My lords, ladies and gentlemen,

 If you walk through the village in November, you may well wonder about the transformation of the Village Hall into the Hyde Heath Shunting Shed, Song and Supper rooms.  Rowdy, bawdy, jocular and heatedly reverberating at the seams (the bat died), but never, we hope, offensive. 

We bring to life for you the genteel and not so genteel characters of days gone by; the toff, the flower seller, the dandy, the humour, the songs, the dress; the audience and the atmosphere of a drinking house in the "Good Old Days", unrivalled, unruly, unsteady, unrehearsed and completely unrepentant.

 We offer sagacious socialites with that san-pareil of splendour.  The elegant façade of pretence and performance, from sophisticated and scandalous "young" things.  Wit, humour and repartee.

Have we wetted your appetite?  If so, please contact Terry Cann.  Look out for our posters in November. 

See the Notice Board for contact details.


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