Hyde Heath Line Line Dance Group 

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In May 2000 a Social Dancing Club was formed in Hyde Heath. It started off with the intention of sampling many different types of social dancing, using the skills of Club members to provide the instruction. Good intentions are one thing, but cold reality is another. We soon discovered that to have a really worthwhile time, you need to bring in a professional which means that you have to stick to one particular style of dance over a reasonable period.

Presently we have the services of Derek Faversham - a patient and sympathetic teacher of line dancing. He teaches everything from scratch and makes sure that a wide selection of dances is tackled. The dances range from very basic simple ones to routines that require a bit more effort. We are still in the beginners stage so absolute novices can feel quite at home.

Line dancing is suitable for all - young and old - because partners are not required and an imbalance of numbers of men and women does not matter a jot. People do come along on their own, and there is also a sprinkling of couples and families. So here is your chance to learn something new, in a friendly and jolly atmosphere. The price is 2 per session and sessions are held in the Hyde Heath Village Hall every Tuesday starting at 8.15pm and finishing at about 9.45pm.