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    Map reproduced from "Hyde Heath - Our Village" by Irma Dolphin with her kind permission

The Saunders family, after whom Saunders End is named, once ran a small holding in the village ...  James Saunders was head woodsman at Shardeloes Estate and the small holding was leased to him at a peppercorn rent by the estate .. he ran it with his son Alf.



Brays Green Cottage, Brays Green Lane circa 1939 - this is approximately where the junction of Walnut Way and Brays Green Lane are today.  The front door of the cottage was directly opposite the big barred gate (now metal, once wooden) on the other side of the lane.  Elizabeth and her daughter Mary are at the rear of the group.
The Saunders family circa 1920
Back row: Alfred (1902) James Saunders (1881)
Mary (1903)
Front row: Robert (Bob), Ellen, Elizabeth Hannah (nee Higgs - 1880)

Right - Alf Saunders feeding pigs on land opposite Brays Green Cottage - the wooden sties were later brick built.

James & Elizabeth Saunders Golden Wedding 1951 - four generations of the family in Brays Green Lane outside the cottage.

  Meadow on which houses now stand.


Four generations of the Saunders family - April 1949 - Easter        

Elizabeth Hannah Higgs (left), her daughter Mary Saunders (right),
her daughter Elizabeth Maria (Betty) Rose Lopez (middle) with her
daughter Christine Ann Beveridge - now Allen who has kindly loaned the

July 1949  - Betty on the   Cherry Ladder in the orchard

These were taken in the Cherry Orchard which was part of Christine's great grandfather's
smallholding.  Cherries were a valuable cash crop - some of the local lads George Nash and Trevor and Michael Jordan were employed to scare and shoot the blackbirds in order to protect the Cherry crop.

Left: 1955 - Mary, Elizabeth, James,
Christine, Janet & Lynn in the orchard.
Right: 1964 - at a family wedding at Chalfont St Giles - Elizabeth with great granddaughter Christine

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