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Over the whole season we scored 2,930 runs for the loss of 133 wickets-an average of 22.03 (LY 27.22). Our opponents scored 2,993 runs for the loss of 170 wickets-an average of 17.61 (LY 19.52).

The Hyde Heath captain won the toss 9 (11) times, opting to field first on 8 occasions, the other being to bat first at Harvil on the Kent tour. The toss won by opposing captains resulted in Hyde Heath batting first in 6 ( 8 ) instances.

On Sunday, 3rd June the Club fielded two elevens, the first in the regular fixture away to Ley Hill, which we won by one wicket. The other was a Conference fixture at home to the Odney Club (John Lewis PartnerShip ), which we lost by 47 runs.

Hyde Heath bowled out.the opposition in 9 (8 ) matches.

During the season our bowlers conceded 38 (37 ) no-balls and 106 ( 100 ) wides.

There was one hat-trick taken, that by Alistair Richards in his opening spell of 8 overs, 5 maidens, 7 runs, 6 wickets - against Ballinger Waggoners. This was Alistair' s second hat-trick for the Club.

Four bowlers took five wickets or more in an innings ... Atif Mirza with 6 for 12 at home to Woodley and 5 for 11 at home to Abbots Langley, Alistair with 6 for 19 at home to Ballinger Waggoners, Tim Nutman with 5 for 21 at home to Little Missenden Misfits and James Aird with 5 for 43 at home to Abbots Langley.

There was one century scored, by Henry Capper-102 not out at home to Longwick. He also scored three other half-centuries, together with two each by Dominic Haddock and James Shrimpton and one by Alistair Richards.

Hyde Heath batsmen struck 26 ( 40 ) sixes. The big hitters were Nick Burgham 6, Henry 5, Alistair 4, James Aird 3, James Shrimpton 2 with Richard Austin, Matt Conibear, Steve Gomm, Tim Nutman, Danny Samuels and Sohail Rauf supplying one each. Possibly the most spectacular strike was by Alistair at Harvil in Kent; his drive cleared the trees at long-off, the pub next door (the Amazon and Tiger) and the house next door to that.

There were 13 (22) batting partnerships of 50 runs or more, but none for the fifth, sixth, ninth or tenth wickets. The best were 43 for the fifth wicket at home to the Full Tossers by Richard Cousins and Nick Burgham and 37 for the sixth wicket against the President's XI by Richard and James Aird. The best for the ninth and tenth wickets was 15, each at Ley Hill and Amersham Hill.

There were 8 contenders for the Duck Cup, each with 2 scores of 0. On countback it proved that the trophy should be shared between skipper Charlie Samuels and Tim Nutman.

As in 2006 we achieved 6 run-outs, the most remarkable of which was against Bank of England Touring by Bradley Holt. The ball was driven smartly in his direction at mid-wicket. He picked it up with his right hand, transferred it to his stronger left hand and threw down the wicket at the bowler's end.

We also struck with two run-outs in the last match of the season, at home to Woodley.

The Six-a-Side Tournament for 2007 was abandoned due to heavy rain.

Robin Richards

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