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Mural Re-dedication Scarecrows 2004 Scarecrows 2010 LM Patronal Fest 2006
St Andrews Mural - here         

Renovation works were completed November 2007 with rededication on Nov 30th - Pictures here  and here

The story of the renovation works in pictures -  here              


Service Times -  Sundays at 9.15 am


The Church was built in 1910 by Mrs. Hampton, who specifically arranged that it should be outside the Little Missenden Parish Boundary. It took a special document signed by H.M. The Queen to rearrange the Parish Boundary to bring the Church into Little Missenden Parish in 1956.

The building was originally used as a Mission Room and only later came to be used as the Church you see here today - picture right shows how it looked prior to the 2007 renovations.

The Frescos on the East Wall:  pictures here

The scene behind the altar was painted by local artist Mrs Joy Trotman Brand and her sister, Miss Anne Trotman, carved the wooden surround in English oak, donated by Robin Brazil. Miss Trotman still comes regularly to oil the wood and keep it in good condition.

The painting has many local connections:

Mrs Brand's daughter Marjorie, was the model for the little girl and the dog is the Trotman family pet, Gwillym. The shepherd is the son of Mrs Birch. She was the church caretaker for many years. The trees in the picture represent White's Wood, the haystack and barn in the background are at Nash's Farm and the stream in the foreground is the Misbourne at Little Missenden.

The cross on the roof was presented by Mr Baker, a lay reader here for many years and other work in the church has been carried out by local people, with the enthusiastic encouragement of the then Vicar of the parish, Rev. F.F.C. Roberts.

This is an active church. There is a service every Sunday at 9.15 am to  which everyone is most  welcome.

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November 4th 2007 - the finished result
Before & after .....
The new bell arrives - October 10th 2007
Children from the school among the first to see it
Gary Beynon & Rev John Simpson carry it in ....
Inscription: " His sweet voice soundeth as old St Andrew heard it "
Bishop of Oxford happened to be visiting & blessed the bell
New stained glass windows being fitted Oct 11th 2007
Windows are dedicated to benefactors Bill & Vi Williamson and Frances Clarke
Sept 11th 2007
Sept 11th 2007
July 18th 2007
July 18th 2007
June 17th  2007
June 17th  2007
June 17th  2007
July 1st  2007
July 1st  2007
July 1st  2007
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